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black and white garments on display at a fashion exhibition

Fashion Fictions by Measured Architecture Photograph by Ema Peter

GRAY Media announces the wild card finalists for the 7th Annual GRAY Awards.

SEATTLE, January 2, 2024 — Now in its 7th year, GRAY Awards — the international cross-disciplinary design awards program — continues to recognize the outstanding work happening around the world. Finalists have been selected in the fields of ARCHITECTURE, INTERIORS, LANDSCAPE, and PRODUCT DESIGN.

Designers and manufacturers were invited to submit their projects in nine judges categories plus an editors’ pick Design for Good category. An esteemed panel of international design luminaries will select a winner in each of the initial nine categories. The winning designers will receive print and digital recognition as well as a custom designed trophy by acclaimed glass artist John Hogan.

GRAY encourages designers and manufacturers to create "Design for Good" projects —projects that have made a positive impact through design on a humanitarian, community, or environmental issue — and offers an award dedicated to these works each year.

In 2020, when the GRAY Awards expanded from a regional to international program, GRAY added a Legacy Award dedicated exclusively to a Pacific Northwest-based designer's lifetime achievement, honoring the region where GRAY began and the home to the GRAY Awards Parties. GRAY will name the next Legacy at the Party.

Newly introduced at the 6th annual GRAY Awards last year, GRAY added several Breakout Categories, opening up opportunities to win GRAY Awards in micro-categories from Kitchens to Collaborations.

All winners will be announced at the GRAY Awards Party held in Seattle in March, 2024. The party is one of the most highly anticipated design bashes of the year, where all guests are treated like winners.

To purchase tickets, visit the 7th annual GRAY Awards Party page.


design judges black and white portraits

It is our privilege each year to welcome an international group of distinguished creatives to the GRAY Awards judging panel. Each working at the top of their game, these professionals now focus a discerning eye on determining the winners of the coveted GRAY Awards trophies.

7th annual GRAY Awards judging panel: Lee Broom, Brigitte Shim, Alessandro Munge, Silvia Tcherassi, Stephen Burks

wood table and stools with live plants

Photograph by Luke Potter

Designed as the central bar feature for the IDS Vancouver show in 2022, Dappled was a reflection on life’s enhanced interactions with nature post pandemic. With Covid-19 clearing our calendars, and closing almost everything but the great outdoors, nature became a place to escape.

In reference to one of nature’s most delicate yet powerful performances, the display of dappled light animates its canvas with the projection of a flickering pattern as sunlight filters through the trees. ‘Dappled’ describes the physical space of this installation, but also refers to an enhanced appreciation for the outdoors, gained through the pandemic experience.

black and white garments on display at a fashion exhibition

Fashion Fictions by Measured Architecture

Photograph by Ema Peter

Measured worked as the exhibition designer for Fashion Fictions, a survey of experimental fashion and design on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery from May to October 2023. Having previously collaborated with the Gallery to design the exhibition for Picasso: The Artist and his Muses (2016), we were delighted to have been invited back to design another critical Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition.

Measured worked closely with curator Stephanie Rebick and her team to develop a design that transforms the Gallery into immersive, imaginative spaces and celebrates the innovation and creativity on display. To achieve an experiential quality we experimented with a variety of technical fabrics that produce spatial and light effects. The selection of a translucent “sharks-tooth” scrim allowed us to create a compelling environment with a mutable quality that would provide a flexible backdrop for the curator to continue to make creative decisions about the layout of the works in the show. Following the exhibition’s Responsible Measured’s own philosophy, the scrim can also be reused, greatly reducing waste at the end of the project.

interior architecture with neon lights and colorful design

Hopscotch Portland by Waechter Architecture

Photograph by Arthur Hitchcock

Hopscotch is an arts presenter focusing on new media and installations that create unique, impactful, and shared experiences. Following the success of their original gallery in San Antonio, the founders engaged Waechter Architecture to help envision and develop their first West Coast outpost in Portland’s famed “Goat Blocks” district. Together, our mission has been to find new ways of linking artist environments and offering visitors a wide spectrum of possibilities for interaction, creative expression, and experiential engagement.

sci-fi inspired design with purple and blue lighting

Indigo Slate Office by House of Sorcery

Photograph by Tony Mihovilovich

In 2022, the visionary team at Indigo Slate sought the expertise of House of Sorcery to create not just meeting rooms but the visual centerpiece of their new office in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. The ambitious goal was to craft immersive experiences that would narrate the compelling story of the Indigo Slate brand.

House of Sorcery embarked on a world-building journey, establishing the persona of the "Indigo Explorer" and crafting a captivating backstory. Much like Indigo Slate's own narrative, the explorer traverses metaphorical universes, gathering inspiration, insight, and knowledge—a reflection of the multifaceted nature of Indigo Slate's core services and their prowess in balancing creativity and logistics.

Drawing on Indigo Slate's passion for movies and sci-fi, each of the six rooms became a unique world visited by the explorer for inspiration. From an underwater realm inspired by "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" to an enchanted forest reminiscent of Tolkien's works, the design seamlessly blended references from sci-fi classics and popular culture.

luxury design private jet interior

Photograph courtesy of Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

Greenpoint Design curated the B777X Zen interior for a distinguished jetsetter with the desire to escape and reconnect with nature. Inspired by the natural flow of a Japanese Zen Garden; Greenpoint designers incorporated biophilic elements including organic greenery and the use of sustainable, neutral materials to create a calm and peaceful environment. The result is a high-technology aircraft cabin featuring a tranquil, modern design. The Zen interior brings luxury and relaxation to flight with seamless connectivity and bespoke details that set the interior apart from a traditional private business jet.

Greenpoint Design worked closely with the client to understand their preferences, requirements, and design vision. The process began with a floorplan layout catering to the client’s preferences and aircraft mission requirements. Greenpoint utilized the aircraft’s immense architecture and space by creating a floorplan layout inspired by the flow of a Japanese Zen Garden. The result was an expansive, flowing, and bright interior cabin.

7th Annual GRAY Awards finalists' announcements began December 18, 2023 and will continue to publish daily until all categories have been announced. For more information, visit our GRAY Awards Party page.


Thank you to our 7th annual GRAY Awards sponsors and industry partners:


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