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Opposites Attract: Sacai and Acronym Collaborate on Women's Collection

The crossover features technical fabrics and details crossed with feminine shapes.

By Rachel Gallaher

Image courtesy of Sacai

From Issue 61

A woman with short dark hair in a gray, sleeveless dress stands on a black-and-white checkerboard floor.

In the fashion world, designer collaborations happen so often that it’s easy to lose track of (or interest in) which brands are partnering up. It takes a special pairing, like that seen in Sacai Women's Pre-Spring 2022 collection, to really turn heads. Launched last summer (and available from late December 2021), the collection crosses the innovative, technical details found in Acronym’s garments with Tokyo-based Sacai’s signature fabrics and shapes. Riffing on the theme of bonding, both as a metaphor for unity and as a technique for joining two materials, Sacai founder Chitose Abe created both men’s and women’s lines, recontextualizing some of the brand’s fabrics (a paisley bandana print, buffalo checks, and woven jacquards) and applying them to waterproof technical nylon. It will be the first time that Acronym offers a dress silhouette. “Having known Chitose, and of course Sacai, for many years, this collaboration is the ideal kind of cross-pollination,” says Acronym designer Errolson Hugh. “And, as I believe you can see from the results, it’s a true blend of the philosophies of both brands, where the sum is greater than the parts.”


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