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Karim Rashid x Corkcicle

The infamous industrial designer brings his bold designs to your morning coffee.

By Rachel Gallaher

Whether your morning drink of choice is coffee, a smoothie, or just plain old water with ice, Corkcicle—makers of durable canteens, mugs, tumblers, and that famous in-bottle wine chiller—has a vessel for you, now with designs from Karim Rashid.

The international industrial designer and 2017 GRAY Awards judge is known for his use of bold patterns and bright color and embrace of plastic. The Karim Rashid x Corkcicle collection, which launched last week, features three vibrant layered-line patterns and is available on canteens, stemless wine glasses, and tumblers.

"I enjoyed designing a collection with Corckcicle because they produce very high quality, democratic design products," Rashid tells GRAY. "Their bottles function beautifully so why not make them a beautiful canvas? The patterns I created speak about liquid, about hot and cold, about energy and pleasure. I also love the notion of variance and we were able to create a unique pattern on the bottles with their dip transfer technique that really spoke to the digital age, to the ornamentation that speaks to the times we live in — this kinetic data-driven age of movement and speed."


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