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Why We Accepted The Net-Zero Challenge

Near-future energy codes will change the look, feel, and character of our homes. The principal of Heliotrope Architects shares his firm’s path to net-zero and how it meets up with design excellence.

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Joseph Herrin, AIA

Joe Herrin co-founded Heliotrope in 1999 with partner Mike Mora. Heliotrope’s work includes bespoke custom residential, restaurant, retail, and hospitality commissions. Their work seeks to achieve lasting resonance through a deep connection to place. Careful attention to detail and craft, coupled with a materiality that weathers with intention, imbue the work with an inherent sense of heritage. Herrin is a fourth-generation Seattleite. He and his family split their time between a home in Seattle and a beach cabin on Orcas Island.


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