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Step By Step: Building the Future

After traveling the globe lecturing on sustainable design, leading research initiatives on climate, environment, disaster, and global shelter needs, and designing some of the most significant timber projects in the world, architect Michael Green believes now, at this critical point in time, we must ask what's next for the future of the building industry. He’ll share his studio’s revolutionary approach to structural design that unites nature with technology, creating architecture that has the potential to change the way we build sustainably for communities around the world.

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Michael Green
Architect, Founder, Principal
MGA and WorkShop

Michael Green is an architect, speaker, and author known for using design to create meaningful, sustainable built environments that benefit both people and planet. A leader in wood construction and innovation, he has completed some of the most significant timber buildings in the world, and has been recognized with more than fifty international awards for design excellence.

Green is a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the recipient of an honourary doctorate degree from the University of Northern British Columbia. He lectures internationally about mass timber and new building technology, including his TED talk, “Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers.” He serves as a government policy advisor on mass timber design and is the co-author of the first and second editions of The Case for Tall Wood Buildings and Tall Wood Buildings:

Design, Construction and Performance.

An avid traveler and adventurer, Green has explored remote regions of every continent and loves ice climbing, mountaineering, ocean kayaking, and biking. These journeys through nature are what inspire his work.


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