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A Homecoming for Architect Steven Holl at Bellevue Arts Museum

The exhibition Making Architecture gives visitors the unique opportunity to learn about Holl in a building he designed.

By Rachel Gallaher

Photographed by Paul Warchol

Although architect Steven Holl was born and raised in Washington, only two of his projects are located in his home state.

(A third, Quincy Jones Square, is slated for completion in Bremerton, Washington, in 2021).

One of these projects, the Bellevue Arts Museum, which opened its Holl-designed building in 2001, is celebrating his work with its current exhibition Steven Holl: Making Architecture. Now based in New York, Holl has a hard-to-pin-down style marked by close attention to place, light, and unusual geometry. The exhibition, which runs through September 13, organizes its journey through the architect’s 40-year career around three ideals—Thinking, Building, and Reflecting—that exemplify how Holl approaches his craft. Displays include Holl’s own watercolors, small exploratory models, sculpture, writing, and photographs taken during his projects’ construction process.


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