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EVOKE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN is a multidisciplinary design firm that incorporates conceptual thinking, spatial and interior design, and graphic design to ensure consistent and coherent branded environments for its clients.


Realizing the potential of collaboration and the ability to use not only graphics, but also spatial design, as a vehicle for communication, Evoke has developed an impressive list of projects, including: offices for Pixar Canada; Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s latest venture, Whil, and Shannon Wilson’s Kit + Ace stores and offices across North America; hospitality clients such as David Hawksworth’s Bel Cafe at the Hotel Georgia, Temper Chocolate Pastry, Commune Cafe and Heirloom Restaurant; residential projects for the Salient Group, Townline and Trevor Linden; and ongoing branding for Live Nation Concerts. It is this dynamic of spatial and graphic design which makes Evoke one of the most ‘in-demand’ design firms in Vancouver. 

Prior to forming Evoke, David and Robert pooled their design skills to create Tangerine Lounge/Restaurant – a successful neighbourhood restaurant which helped spawn a new wave of sophisticated modern, urban design eateries in Vancouver – clean, modern interiors, custom designed furniture combined with simple, vibrant graphics. Always up for new challenges, they have since opened The Cascade Room, El Camino’s, The Union Bar Restaurant, and Main Street Brewing. They also have a line of t-shirts – Evokativ: T-shirts for the Thinking Class. 

At EVOKE we believe that to be successful an overall concept must be all-consuming. Corporate identity, signage and graphics must not only compliment, but challenge and enhance the interior/exterior design and, conversely, that design has the ability to enhance communication between space and object. It is these two aspects that must go hand-in-hand in the execution of a successful branded environment.

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