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WantedDesign 2018 Presents Modern Design and Conceptual Collaborations

In its 8th edition, WantedDesign offers new programs, speakers, exclusive launches, workshops, conversations and retail during NYCxDESIGN.  Between two venues, in Manhattan at the Terminal Stores Building and in Brooklyn at Industry City, WantedDesign presents modern design and conceptual collaborations in an accessible and immersive way. As GRAY continues its partnership as a media sponsor, we are always excited to see what new features pop up each year. In addition to tried-and-true exhibits such as Launch Pad for new designers and the American Design Honors, there notable new features this year. In Brooklyn, Conscious Design at WantedDesign Brooklyn that impresses the idea that all design needs to be conscious of its environmental impact. Then, artist Camille Walala was commissioned to paint her largest mural yet, a building facade that’s 131 feet tall in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. That mural is part of another new initiative, IC Design Festival, that further spotlights Brooklyn as a creative hub.

Also new this year, IDS Vancouver has partnered with Seattle-based multi-disciplinary studio Electric Coffin, on what we know will be a surprising and unusual installation that brings to light the exploratory nature of PNW design and how this mentality can result in unexpected “buried treasure.” Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

Outside the Box is an exhibit is a collaboration with Toronto Design Offsite Festival and features designers from 12 cities across the U.S. and Canada,  who will curate a box of small design objects by designers and makers from their respective cities. This year, Outside the Box explores the theme “Matter,” through the alteration of raw materials into useful objects while preserving the characteristics of the medium. “As a group, we really felt that ‘Matter’ strikes a unique cord within the Seattle creative community in multiple iterations. First and foremost, as a whole, we tend to lean toward honest material palettes and construction methods. And second, we are an amazingly tight-knit community that supports and inspires each other,” says designer Sallyann Corn, of Seattle-based Fruitsuper.


Correspondent: John and Wonhee Arndt of Studio Gorm DESIGNERS: Studio Gorm Folk Lilith Rockett Hew Woodworking


Correspondent: Riley McFerrin of Hinterland Design DESIGNERS: Hinterland Design Caine Heintzman Jeff Martin Lukas Peet


Correspondent: Darin Montgomery, designer and founder of urbancase and Fin Design DESIGNERS: Fin Design Fruitsuper Turnco Grain Robyn Luk Gabriel Stromberg

Check out WantedDesign for more creative inspiration this week!


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