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Spotlight: Slō, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at Slō, one of three finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Fashion Design category.


Handmade Burgundy Scarf

Slō is a response to all things slow made; taking a pause to appreciate, reflect and respond consciously with what matters. From concept to production, each textile has been nurtured carefully through various hands and minds. A synergy of responses between the Michigan-based designer and

artisans within remote villages of India and Nepal, ancient techniques of weaving and dyeing are explored with master artisans. Combining un-dyed yarns with carefully dyed expressions, and exploring use of hand-painted techniques with forms of eco dyeing, only natural and pure yarns like silks from India, linen from Belgium, and hand-spun organic cotton from India are used.

Specially engineered, chemical-free dyes enhance the sustainability quotient in each piece. Functional and minimalist, the Slō scarves are modern translations tied to ancient roots. With cautious planning and a collaborative approach, Studio Variously managed to develop and test small batches to ensure superior quality collections. For Studio Variously, sustainability is not simply limited to materials and their impact on nature, but ensuring sustained employment as a bigger picture which is facilitated by good design, one textile at a time.



Anjali Purohit


Artisans based in Nepal & India

Photos Courtesy of Anjali Purohit

Date of Release: April 2021


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