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Spotlight: P17A, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at the P17A, one of four finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Product Design, Other category.


Luxury camping trailer

With a mission to help people bring the comforts of home wherever they go, Polydrops has created the P17A: a modern, portable trailer updated for the 21st century. A sustainable and inclusive outdoor living experience. P17A is an architecturally designed space with technologically innovative features: a solar-powered climate control system, electric cooking system, aerodynamic profile, and electric vehicle (EV) towability.

P17A is adorned with multiple solar panels (max.520W) and packed with lithium-ion phosphate batteries (max.12kWh), which allow users to remain off the grid for days, allowing for easy remote work, cross-country trips, and weekend getaways. The solar-powered electric system operates the heater, air-conditioning unit, thermostat, interior and exterior LED lights, security cameras, 110V outlets, induction cooktop, and fridge without any external power source. The trailer’s lightweight four-season cabin is weatherproofed with 8.7-inch-thick insulation, which helps conserve energy and allows for sustainability under any weather condition.

Luxury camping trailer Anatomy Drawing

Additionally, P17A’s aerodynamic profile and lightness allow EV’s to make trips with a trailer behind. One of the biggest issues with any trailer is the extra drag it creates. With a traditional gasoline-powered car, this means worse fuel economy. With electric vehicles, however, the reduction in travel range means the difference between making it to the next charging station, and becoming stranded on the side of the road. Polydrops wanted to address this issue, not just with a more streamlined trailer, but with one that better fits with the EV lifestyle. The trailer's aluminum frame has a new, smooth, more aerodynamic underbody, similar to what hypercars have to achieve 200+ mph speeds. There’s also a different tongue cover to reduce the vacuum between the car and the trailer. These features optimize airflow and reduce air resistance, resulting in a 55% air resistance reduction compared to the traditional teardrop trailers.

Luxury camping trailer open in use


Design Team:

Kyunghyun Lew

Jieun Cha

Teahan Kim


Photography: Jieun Cha, Teahan Kim

Date of Completion: February 2021


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