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The latest “it” bags have an eco-friendly-meets-art twist. Parley For The Oceans, a global ocean clean-up organization that partners with creatives, brands, and environmental groups to raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste on the oceans, recently launched its Ocean Plastic Bag collection. The limited-edition totes are made from upcycled plastic bottles (five per bag) plucked the massive amounts of plastic waste found on coastlines and remote islands around the globe. Each bag features graphic designs from prominent contemporary artists, including Doug Aitken, Julian Schnabel, Walton Ford, Jenny Holzer, and Ed Ruscha.

“Parley was founded in the heart of the art community,” says Cyrill Gutsch, the organization’s founder and CEO. “Artists are driven by true intentions [and are] transparent and clear in expressing their agenda—the artist is therefore the strongest messenger and perfect driver for change.”

Bag purchases help support Parley’s Global Cleanup Network, a group of organizations in 28 countries that work to remove plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, rivers, and other waterways. Each bag funds 20 pounds of marine plastic waste cleanup.

“The ocean, the sea, and the waves have had a big influence on my life,” says artist Julian Schnabel. “It is so important that people finally comprehend that there is something bigger than them. The ocean teaches us to be humble, to respect it, and to accept that we are all part of something greater.”

Find Parley’s Ocean Plastic Bag collaboration at the MoMA Design Store, London’s Tate Modern, and in Vienna at MUMOK and the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), as well as at


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