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Kufri’s Latest Textile Collection Supports Women and Aging Weavers Across India

Texas textile brand Kufri’s new Tesuque block-print collection charts the founder’s trek from Mumbai to Dallas and beyond.

By Annie Dahl with Claire Butwinick

Photographed by by Krysta Jabczenski

On February 1, Dallas-based textile brand Kufri introduced Tesuque, a block-print handwoven linen collection inspired by the raw landscapes, woodwork, and pottery of New Mexico.

Available in six designs with up to four colorways, the collection includes overlapping zig-zags in indigo, yellow, and magenta tones, and organic prints reminiscent of Matisse paper cut-outs. The entire collection boasts a fondness for the state’s natural color palette.

“I started with organic shaped, bold paintings, which I converted into designs for hand-printing,” says Kufri’s founder and designer Mili Suleman. “We then developed a special handwoven linen, woven by our weavers, which gave our blocks an element of texture when printed on. The whole effect is very wabi-sabi, rustic with lots of earthy hues. There’s really a notion of playful, experimental, imperfectly perfect happenings throughout the collection.”

Pulling inspiration from her multicultural background (Suleman was born in Mumbai, raised in Oman, and now resides in Texas) Tesuque also merges the eclectic landscapes of her childhood. “The landscapes and environments of Oman and India I’m drawn to are rustic and authentic,” Suleman says. “Old houses, mountains, desert features, the coastline, and native trees. Whatever the case, it’s laidback, real, and comforting. That’s what shapes my designs.”

As with all of Kufri’s designs, Tesuque is produced in India by a community of women and aging weavers with whom Suleman has developed close relationships since Kufri’s inception. “India is a textile country,” she says. “There are so many places and types of textile producers, but it was vital to me that I choose small artisan units where I can create the most impact, which is why female and aging weavers are who we choose to work with. They need our assistance and support and I’m proud to make my designs come to life through their hands.”

Click here to shop Kufri’s latest Tesuque collection available now.


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