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Designer Audrey Large Merges Digital and Material Realities in 3D-Printed Works

The Netherlands-based creative distorts digital and material realms in her new exhibition Implicit Surfaces.

By Lissa Raylin Brewer with Claire Butwinick

Daniele Iodice, rendering Audrey Large

“I always had a sensitivity for images and a fascination with moving images. On the other hand, I studied furniture design,” says Netherlands-based designer Audrey Large, who unites her design background with cutting-edge cinema technology in her creation of fluid, otherworldly sculptures. Initially hand-sketched on a tablet and then printed on paper and 3D-printed with polylactic acid and an iridescent sheen, Large’s works explore the boundaries between digital and analog objects. Implicit Surfaces, her latest installation, scheduled to open at Milan’s Nilufar Gallery, features seven new sculptures as well as a CGI animation projection, expanding on her earlier interrogations of the slippage between the real and the (deep) fake.


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