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Academic Expansion at Pratt Institute

The school is now offering a master’s degree in landscape architecture.

By Rachel Gallaher

Image by Denari Studio, Ben Smithers, courtesy Pratt Institute

From Issue 61

A rendering of a garden with wild flowers and a large city in the background.

Adding to its robust offering of creative and arts-based educational programs, New York’s Pratt Institute is now offering a master’s degree in landscape architecture. Announced in the spring of 2021, and with the first cohort starting in January 2022, the three-year program (part of Pratt’s School of Architecture) will provide students with a foundation of ecology, representation and digital practices, terraforming (the hypothetical process of modifying the atmosphere, temperature, topography, and ecology of a planet to make it more habitable), and landscape history and theory, as well as design studios where they can apply what they’re learning in a hands-on setting. With an interdisciplinary approach to design and problem-solving, the new program will emphasize collaboration and creative alliances, both within the program and across academic departments and organizations within the institute.


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